September 13, 2016

v1.6.2: photo sharing suggestions

New: Sunday now suggests groups of photos you might want to share, and makes it super easy to send them to friends & family even if they are not on Sunday, through a simple link you can send on your favorite messaging app.

Suggestions will work best when you have at least either your device photos or a cloud with auto-backup in Sunday, so if you haven't connected these sources yet, head over to the Settings tab!

Give Suggestions a try and let us know what you think!

July 29, 2016


Hello Sunday users,

This version brings some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thanks for your patience while we get these crashes fixed!

Your Sunday team

PS: a special welcome to all Product Hunters :)

We were featured on Product Hunt on Wednesday - join the discussion!

July 20, 2016

v1.5.2: better browsing

Hello Sunday users,

We keep improving Sunday for you:

New thumbnails when in full screen

A new way to browse Photos faster when looking at them in full screen: just slide the new thumbnails view at the bottom of the screen

New map view

Remember where you took those photos with our new, gorgeous animated map view. Scroll the bottom thumbnails to see where your trip took you!

Improved context about who a photo is shared with

When you share a photo with others through one of your sources (e.g. Gmail, Facebook tags, etc.), you'll now see who it's shared with right in Sunday -- great to help you keep track of who you shared photos with.

And of course many bug fixes and performance improvements :)

Have a lovely week,

Your Sunday team

July 5, 2016

v1.5.0: Lock with Touch ID

New! Lock your Sunday with Touch ID.

Do you often let friends, family or kids use your iPhone/iPad? Keep your private photos more secure than ever with our new Touch ID lock. If your device supports it, you can enable Touch ID lock in Settings.

Also, bug fixes and performance improvements for an ever-faster way to rediscover all your photos!

For more info about Touch ID, see:

June 21, 2016

v1.4.6: Hello, Google Drive!

Dear Sundayers,

Storing photos in Google Drive? We have some good news for you: Sunday now supports connecting to Google Drive. Sunday will automatically gather photos from all your Drive folders alongside photos from other sources, for example like our recent additions Foursquare, Instagram, and Flickr.

Google Drive joins Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud in our list of cloud providers -- let us know if you're using something else!

We're also hard at work fixing small bugs and improving speed.

We hope you have even more opportunities to rediscover some of your favorite photos with Google Drive, and as always don't hesitate to send feedback!

Your Sunday Team

June 15, 2016

v1.4.5: Your Foursquare / Swarm photos!

Dear Sundayers,

Get even more photos in your Sunday with our new Foursquare integration, right on the heels of Flickr, OneDrive and Instagram!

New feature:

  • Added Foursquare / Swarm photos integration: remember this great place you checked in at a few years back? Rediscover those good memories with Sunday!

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved app boot time
  • Improved loading indications when connecting new services
  • Fixed movement / discarded selection of Photos collection view during important updates
  • Fixed crash at logout
  • Fixed 404 error when looking at the source of some photos
  • Fixed rare case of incorrect spacing between photos
  • Fixed total number of photos/albums not updating correctly during updates

Keep enjoying your photos, and as always don't hesitate to send feedback!

Your Sunday Team

June 2, 2016

v1.4.4: Flickr, Instagram and OneDrive integrations!

Dear adventurers, nostalgic and organized,

With this update, you can now add your Instagram, Flickr and OneDrive accounts to Sunday, for even more discoveries!

  • Instagram: connect to rediscover all your posts, right in Sunday, and add these photos to shared albums to show off those nice square shots!
  • Flickr: see your Flickr photo stream and collections right in your pocket, alongside all your other photos and those from your friends and family
  • Microsoft OneDrive: all your OneDrive photos, from all your folders, neatly organised in albums, but also combined in one easy to browse timeline!

And as always, Sunday will automatically group duplicate photos between your connected accounts, so you don't have to worry about removing them yourself!

We hope you enjoy even more happy memories to rediscover, and as always, keep sending us suggestions to improve the app!

With love from rainy Paris,

Your Sunday Team

PS: we've also made the app faster to launch and faster to search :)

May 18, 2016


No big changes, but we think you'll love these small improvements and fixes!


  • Sunday now opens on most recent Photos and Albums first, so it's easier than ever to share photos you just took. Pro tip: You can still tap the status bar to go to the top, and tap the "Photos"/"Albums" tab a second time to go back to the bottom. Or just use the Time Travel button to go somewhere unexpected!
  • Added arrows on the Scroll Slider button to make it easier to understand that you can use it to scroll quickly to anywhere in your Photos/Albums

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some rare crashes when sharing photos while the app is updating
April 27, 2016


Hello dear Sunday fans,

Between two espressos, we keep improving the app thanks to your feedback! This release brings many small improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added badges on Time Travel, Search and Select buttons to suggest a first try
  • Added badge on "Settings" tab to show that the indexing of photos is in progress
  • Added ability to connect iPhone/iPad Contacts to have nice avatars and names from your address book.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Time Travel notifications would be sent multiple times on the same day (sorry for the notification spam!)
  • Fixed hidden albums inadequately shown in the list of places where a photo is located
  • Fixed "In album" icon that was incorrectly shown inside albums (it's just obvious)
  • Fixed photo layout issues causing incorrect white space

Keep rediscovering,

Your Sunday Team

April 19, 2016


  • You can now use Sunday without connecting your iPhone/iPad photos, it's great if you want to focus on rediscovering Gmail/Facebook photos. You can always connect Sunday to your iPhone/iPad/iCloud photos later in Settings.
  • Never miss a good memory with our Time Travel notifications, now with a little sound so you know it's there :)
April 14, 2016

v1.4.0 - Search your photos

Quickly find photos you have in mind with our new search function!


  • "Gmail", "Facebook", "Dropbox" etc. to display only photos from that source
  • a day ("February 14", "25 December" ...) to see this day through the years
  • an email address to view all photos from a loved one
  • ... or simply type a keyword to search photo titles
  • ... and other possibilities to discover!

And also:

  • Better information on the source of a photo, album(s) to which it belongs, and its storage location (in full screen, press the initials / profile photo)
  • An icon to indicate when a photo is already in an album
  • Dozens of bugs fixed, and improved performance - thank you for your feedback and patience!

From France with lots of love,

Your Sunday team.

March 9, 2016

Effortlessly rediscover your photos using Time Travel. Just tap the Time Travel button in the top left corner, and smile, we're taking you to your past!

Also fresh from our workshop:

  • Browse through all your photos in one screen with our new Photos tab
  • Pinch to zoom in & out on the Photos tab
  • Easily invite friends to rediscover their photos via Facebook (from the Settings tab)
January 24, 2016


Hello dear Sunday fans,

We keep improving the app thanks to your feedback. Thanks, keep it coming!

New features:

  • Added better crash reporting so we finally put these bugs under control for you


  • Improved safety of background upload jobs to avoid unnecessary retries

Bug fixes:

  • Fix a crash of the app after hiding an album

With love from #Paris, The Sunday Team

January 15, 2016


Hello dear Sunday fans,

We keep improving the app thanks to your feedback. Thanks, keep it coming!

New features:

  • Added native iOS sharing of albums in navigation bar when viewing an album


  • Greatly reduced number of duplicate albums in wall
  • Faster synchronization & show progress while doing automatic album creation work with local photo library

Bug fixes:

  • Fix bug where album or photos would not reload on change
  • Fix bug where upload of large photo in background would be blocked because the photo has been deleted from the device's Photo Library

With love from #Paris, The Sunday Team

January 5, 2016


Hello dear Sunday fans,

We keep improving the app thanks to your feedback. Thanks, keep it coming!

New features:

  • Added selection of multiple albums in wall to merge or archive many albums at once
  • Added daily push notification with one random album from this exact day in history


  • Sunday no longer makes you wait for upload of your photos, they are sent while you keep using the app

Bug fixes:

  • Fix bug where multiple albums got created when editing an album

With love from #Paris, The Sunday Team

December 18, 2015


Hello dear Sunday fans,

We keep improving the app thanks to your feedback. Thanks, keep it coming!

New features:

  • Sunday now makes albums from Gmail threads automatically: less work to get it all sorted
  • Added selection of photos inside albums (to remove photos, share photos, or add to another album)
  • Unsorted items are replaced with automatically created albums


  • Album covers are now cropped to show faces as much as possible
  • Better behaviour of participant list: show access list, only show CTA if not yet shared
  • Today Inbox now shows albums from the day in history
  • Added search by title when merging albums or adding to an existing album

Bug fixes:

  • Fix UX of adding to existing albums: now defaults to add to existing, with option to create new
  • Fix bug where albums would not be archived despite wanting to archive it

With love from #Paris, The Sunday Team

December 8, 2015


Hello dear readers of the what's new magazine :-)

The biggest change: more work for us... less work for you! We now create albums automatically from your iOS photos — no more manual sorting, and sharing an entire moment is just two taps away.

Other changes (thanks for your feedback!):

  • Looking for a specific photo? When opening an album, you now see a mosaic of all the photos in the album. It's faster to get to the photo you want.
  • Merging some albums together? Sunday now detects duplicates when merging two albums (you can double check), so you won't share the same photo twice.
  • Wondering if you've already shared an album or not? It's now easier to see which albums have been shared via Sunday with a ""+N"" in the participant list on the album cover.

More coming soon from Paris with love, stay tuned !

The Sunday Team