Rediscover your photos from Picasa Web Albums

Browse your Picasa Web Albums on your iPhone or iPad.

Sunday is a beautiful, easy to use, free photo gallery app for iPhone and iPad that helps you rediscover your scattered photos.

Your Picasa, with fast, offline viewing.

Want to look at your photos on the subway, where the network is often slow, or even completely unavailable? We've got you covered. Just give Sunday a bit of time to pre-load all your photos, and they'll be available in your pocket — even while offline.

Optimized for mobile devices.

On mobile, it seems we're always out of battery or exhausting our data plan quotas. Sunday optimizes both space and bandwidth usage. It stores thumbnails of all your Picasa photos, while full resolution photos are stored only on demand. If your iPhone or iPad runs out of space, Sunday works seamlessly with iOS to let it reclaim the space it needs for other apps.

Picasa Web Album links too.

If you use Gmail, we'll also scan your email for any Picasa Web Albums links you received from family, friends and loved ones.

It's the easiest way to get all the photos shared by everyone after your wedding, your best friend's birthday party, or your roadtrip with friends last summer.

See your photos from Picasa Web Albums alongside photos stored in other sources.

If you're anything like us, you probably have sent or received photos through other services such as Gmail, Facebook, or Dropbox. And you have photos on your iPhone or iPad as well.

Connect Sunday to these sources and we'll combine the photos, automatically removing duplicates so you don't see the same photo twice.

Photos remain stored by Picasa.

Sunday doesn't make a copy of your photos from Picasa Web Albums on its own servers. The app accesses photos directly and securely on Google's Picasa Web servers.

With Sunday, there is no need to buy yet another cloud storage plan. Sunday seamlessly integrates with the storage you've already chosen for your photos.

Start rediscovering your photos from Picasa Web Albums today.

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